About us

Over the period of existing the company has already built warm and solid relationships and won the recognition of many shipping companies and owners in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Greece etc. These relationships contribute to a smoothly running service ensuring that everything is accomplished without a moments delay and with minimum possible charges. The company`s professional and ethical approach to every aspect of their operations is the basis of their commitment to the client, and at the same time safeguarding and protecting the interests of the ship owner, who can have full confidence in dealing with an established and respected organization.

Frigate Shipping Agency provides a whole range of expertly-conducted services within the shipping industry in port Klaipeda, Lithuania

The company consists of four departments: port agency, forwarding, chartering and container. Frigate Shipping Agency has a flexible structure capable of necessary adjustments when solving ever-changing tasks which arise due to various requirements by respective principals or upon entering into a new partnership within the major activities of the company.